Aileen Hamilton considers ecological cycles and organic process within her drawings, exploring the delicate balance and repetitive patterns that bind the natural world to form. Isolated landscapes appear suspended or floating in a fragile and exposed state as Aileen explores the physical and mental borders of our world. In doing so, she reveals hidden layers and draws an analogy between the internal terrain of the body and the wider ecosystems in which we live. Landscapes bend as if in a space-time continuum, the exploratory folds evoking the artist’s search for meaning in both micro and macro environments. The interplay between 2D and 3D environments is an integral part of the process in which Aileen moves back and forth between depth and flatness, her drawings growing out of the wall and interacting with the architectural space. In creating these hybrid landscapes, Aileen is drawn to the thin yet fibrous quality of paper, a material both fragile and solid which she progressively allows to find its own form of existence.